Grey Sky Venture Partners

Grey Sky Website

Grey Sky Venture Partners is a forward-thinking fund with strong ties to the medical industry in both Seattle and Silicon Valley. They needed a brand and web refresh that would speak better to their northwest roots.

Author Website

Website design for book author. Landon Wallace needed a new site to feature his latest book as well as accomodate previous publications and reviews. Inspired by his photo, I also created a logo for the site.

Kymeta Website

Legacy website for Kymeta. Kymeta is a metamaterials startup spun off from Intellectual Ventures, specializing in flat-panel beam-steering antennas for satellite communications. From initial funding of the startup, I created their branding guide and website, and all online and offline marketing communications materials to reflect their position as a technology innovator. Other projects included trade show booth graphics, video animation, branded merchandise, 3D image rendering and embedded UI design.

Microvision How-It-Works Poster

This How It Works Illustration for Microvision tells the story of their laser pico projector. Poster-sized signage of this technical illustration was used in Microvision’s booth at multiple industry trade shows to support the product’s launch. Developed original isometric 3d concept, then collaborated with internal engineering department to confirm technical accuracy. Finally, image was typeset and composed.

Echodyne Website

Echodyne is poised to reinvent the way the world uses radar, and to make radar vision a reality. As a recently-funded startup, they needed a website that reflects their position as a cutting-edge technology company poised to be disruptive across a wide range of existing radar applications. The site has since been updated with a different design.

The Riley Group Website

The Riley Group is a firm staffed with environmental scientists, licensed geologists, hydrogeologists, and professional engineers providing geotechnical, environmental and construction development services in the Pacific Northwest. They wanted a website and brand redesign that reflected their work in a clean and memorable way.

Mackie Speaker Packaging

The SRM450 by Mackie Designs is a legendary live-sound speaker and sound reinforcement monitor, so the packaging had to reflect its awesome-ness. To resonate with audio professionals, I incorporated actual audio 1/3 octave polar data charts into the packaging design.